Think globally, act locally: You understand the meaning and significance of the phrase and realize that to change the world’s behavior, you must first change your own behavior.

Early Adapter: You are an early adapter of technology because you intuitively see the benefits and want to see the technology succeed by being one of the first to buy. You are a long-term thinker.

Simplicity: You understand “Occams Razor” and the KISS principle. Solar PV modules are a proven technology which generate electricity directly from the sunlight that shines on them. They are clean, quiet, reliable, and are expected to last for 30 years since they have no moving parts to wear out.

Environmental Consciousness: You value the environment and are concerned about the long term damage and global warming. Using PV protects the environment because there are no harmful pollutants created when PV modules generate electricity. Each KiloWatt-Hour of PV electricity means one less KW-Hr of coal generated electricity with the accompanying acid rain, carbon dioxide greenhouse gas, and sooty particulates. An average of 3 tons of CO2 per household are saved per year by going solar.

National Security: Solar PV adds to the security of the US by reducing our reliance on imported petroleum products from unstable countries in an increasingly hostile part of the world. Solar PV helps to conserve fossil fuels whose cheap sources will be running out soon leading to higher prices and internationally created shortages.

Modularity: Since Solar PV systems are modular you may start small and add more components later. You may add more solar panels and other renewable sources such as wind turbines and fuel cells.

Economic Sophistication: You know that the re-sale value of your home is increased by installing solar PV and that the cost of the system is best thought of as an “investment” which pays a dividend of 4% to 5% now and which surely will rise as the price of electricity increases. You understand the benefits of long-term economic thinking and realize that you are paying for 30 years of electricity now and protecting yourself from rate increases, blackouts, and brownouts.

Increased Efficiency Through Distributed Generation: You want to increase the efficiency of the electrical grid by becoming a power generator and selling your excess power back to the grid. The process of selling excess power is called net metering and means that you are a distributed generator of power. Distributed generation means generating the electricity at the point that it is used so there are no transmission lines with electric losses and high costs.

State and Federal Financial Assistance: You want to take advantage of Maryland’s 15% income tax credit and $3,000. (20%) grant towards the cost of your Solar PV system. Solar hot water systems are eligible for a grant of up to $2,000. You want to become part of the Federal Million Solar Roofs initiative.