LBA offers a suite of complete renewable energy systems and consulting services for residential and commercial applications. The products that we incorporate into our complete systems are presented on the Products page.

Complete Systems

  • Solar PV – grid-tied, grid-tied with battery backup, and remote non-grid solar electric solutions
  • Solar Hot Water – evacuated tube collectors for domestic hot water and radiant heating
  • Backup Power – battery powered backup systems when generators are not appropriate

Consulting Services

  • Homeowners– energy audits, design, installation, and maintenance of solar PV, solar hot water, and backup power systems. In addition, we have information on passive solar home design, energy conservation techniques, day lighting, and other green building technologies.
  • Small Businesses-solar PV design, installation, and maintenance.
  • Farmers– water pumping systems, PV, and solar hot water heaters.
  • Architects– design tips for passive solar homes, green buildings, and incorporation of renewable energy sources, solar PV and solar hot water systems in their designs.
  • Commercial Builders– incorporating the principles of green buildings, passive solar energy concepts, and incorporating solar PV and hot water systems.
  • Residential Developers– Passive solar home design, and large scale solar PV systems for developments, that is, distributed power systems.
  • Schools– Take advantage of governmental financial aid to install educational solar PV systems on schools.
  • Utility Companies– Strategies toward meeting the government’s mandated goal of producing 10% of electricity with renewable energy by the year 2020.